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Course Guide

The Eudora High School Course Guide offers an extensive array of courses designed to provide students with a diverse range of educational opportunities. Each class is carefully structured to foster academic growth and personal development. Prerequisites for some advanced courses may apply, ensuring students possess the foundational knowledge necessary to excel. Students can explore their passions, engage in critical thinking, and develop essential skills through a rich curriculum that encourages creativity, collaboration, and academic excellence.

Eudora High School is a comprehensive high school; many subject choice patterns are possible, providing a variety of post-secondary options to successful students. These options may include postsecondary education, career and technical education, military service, and employment in the workforce. Students' abilities, interests, and goals are important factors to consider when determining a career path and deciding elective subject choices to enroll in. It is essential to discuss these choices with your parents/guardians, teachers, and counselor and plan your class schedule carefully to meet your future needs and goals using the Eudora High School Course Guide.